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Mini Models

Magnificent Minis To Go!

The perfect solution for budget sensitive communities.  We make the most of creativity and original styles to deliver an awesome mini you will be proud to show.  "Magnificent Minis To Go!" incorporate unique decor to accent amenities and include everything your new resident needs to feel right at home with personal touches throughout. Best of all, everything is prepackaged and ready to go.  All you do is pick the theme and set it up.  All pieces are easily portable and guaranteed to make any unit pop so you can increase your closing ratios and lease, lease, lease!


What's included

Magnificent Minis To Go! are hand-delivered and arrive securely at your property complete with easy-to-follow instructions for quick set up.  Transform your vacant units into a sophisticated showplace in minutes.  All themed minis for 1 bedroom, 1 bath units are priced just right starting at $995. each.  All include accessories and decor for the following areas:




-Kitchen and Bar

-Laundry Room/Pantry/Closets

-Computer Niche (if applicable)

-Fireplace hearth/mantle (if applicable)



-30-day supply of fragrance and

-$99 Set Up and FREE delivery anywhere in San Antonio! 



Can I get a mini for my 2 bedroom or larger units?

Of course!  Just add $199. for each additional bathroom and $199. for each additional bedroom.* (Additional pricing for the purchase option only. Please call for rental details and pricing for larger units.)

Can we add a few small furniture pieces? Yes!  Our Deluxe Mini Models include minimal furniture pieces like counter or bar stools, small benches, and side tables.  When added to our existing Magnificent Minis To Go!, your model with have that extra pizazz.  Call us and we'll be happy to discuss your needs.


Are the minis for sale or can I rent them?

Both! If you choose to purchase a mini, most cost under $1,000.00 for a 1/1 unit.  Just pay for the mini and delivery and you own everything.  With the rental option, you can rent everything monthly for 3, 6 or 12 months.  At the end of the lease term, you have 3 options--end your service, renew your contract and continue with the same items or  upgrade your renewal and receive a completely new mini.  


What are the benefits of renting?

Convenient 3, 6 or 12 month lease agreements are available for rental.  Six and 12 month rentals include free delivery, and quarterly change outs.  This means your unit will have a fresh updated look every 3 months and affordable monthly payments help you stay within your budget.  At the end of the term you can renew or end your agreement.   Either way, you never have to worry about storage and your mini model will look stunning all the time.  Plus, monthly rentals are at discounted prices to guarantee affordability.


Are there any renewal incentives?

Absolutely!  When you rent for 6 months, at the end of your term and upon renewal you receive a complimentary laptop prop, yours to keep.  Renew your 12 month contract, and your mini will get a great update with a brand new Wall Art Package also yours to keep.  



Rental benefits at a glance for a 1/1 Unit

3 Month Agreement

$250. per month

One mini of your choice

3 affordable payments

Set up & delivery fee of $99.


6 Month Agreement

$200. per month

Free delivery anywhere in San Antonio

Initial mini + 1 change out (after 3 months)

Set up fee of $99 (covers initial set up and 1 change out)

Renewal incentive = FREE laptop prop

New mini at renewal,  pay just $299

(includes all new items, 1st month rent, set up & delivery)


12 Month Agreement

$150. per month

Free delivery anywhere in San Antonio

Initial mini + 2 change outs (first change out after 6 months)

One time set up fee of $99.

Renewal incentive = FREE Wall Art Package

New mini at renewal, pay just $299

(includes all new items, 1st month rent, set up & delivery)

Want to rent a mini for your 2/2?

Call us for a quick rate quote!



What else is available?

You can Add A Package to any Magnificent Mini To Go! and create a super stunning model without using a single piece of furniture.  Let Interior Affairs dress the windows, install eye-popping wall art, decorate with props and more.  We'll deliver a completely fabulous mini model and you'll deliver the unexpected to your prospects.  


Can Interior Affairs update my current model?

Absolutely, and our Suite Package is the perfect way to go!  We work with your existing furniture using new accessories and decor to bring your old model back to life with a fresh new look.  We provide everything you need to update your 1/1 model including new bedding for a Queen bed and accessories for the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living and dining rooms.  The Suite Package starts at $8,995.00 and includes free delivery and set up anywhere in San Antonio. We can add or replace furnishings as needed and can also "breathe new life" into your existing furnishings.  Suite Packages are available for all unit sizes with prices based accordingly.  Email or call us today. 


How do we receive our items?

Interior Affairs conveniently hand-delivers all San Antonio Magnificent Minis To Go! approximately 2 weeks after your purchase.  All items arrive safely and securely at your office, complete with labels and instructions for set up with free delivery anywhere in San Antonio.  For an additional $99, Interior Affairs will gladly set up your mini model.  For orders being shipped outside of San Antonio, your items will arrive via ground approximately 2-3 weeks following your purchase and will include labels and instructions for set up by the onsite staff. 


Can Interior Affairs set up our mini?

Yes we can.  For $99. we will deliver your items and have your brand new mini set up in no time.


How do I order?


Just click on the theme you want, add your selections to your shopping cart, check out and you're done!  Check out is simple and you can pay securely via PayPal.  Don't have a PayPal account? Don't worry--Interior Affairs can process your online order with or without a PayPal account.  No need to set up anything.  And with PayPal, you can pay with a credit card or your checking account.  Just shop, order, pay and you're done.  It's that easy. 


Fax or Mail your Order Form

Click here to print an order formFill it out and fax it back.  We'll even come by and pick up your check.  Or you can mail your order form and payment. 


Call or Email Us

Call us Toll Free at 1-800-DECOR95 and we'll take your order right over the phone.  Or email us at and we'll contact you within 24 hours.


Need to set us up as a vendor?

Click here for our W-9.


Need an invoice or P.O.# before you order?

No problem. Contact us and we'll email or fax an invoice right over.



 Magnificent Minis To Go! Themes and Pricing

Click on images for package details and to place an order.


Ultra Urban $995

Ultra sleek and modern accessories make a bold statement with clean lines and your choice of accent color for the perfect punch.  Silver serves as the backdrop as your fabulously chic new mini wows everyone who enters.





BRAND NEW! French Country $995

Classic and timeless, French Country combines a beautiful jewel-tone pallette with toile patterns, bold, dramatic accessories and old world charm to create never ending style.  You and your guests will be truly amazed at how this elegant and unique design will transform your model.   




The Wild Side $995

Make a bold statement with tasteful doses of animal print, paired with greenery and modern espresso accents.  Your guests will go wild over this timeless design.





Big Tex $995

A tribute to Texas--mini style.  Spruce up your models with Lone Star stylings everyone will appreciate.  Your model will shine as bright as the Texas starts.  Comes complete with Texas lamp, original goodies and more.  





BRAND NEW! Tuscan Villa $995

Stylish. Romantic. Beautiful.  The Tuscan mini embraces the elegant elements of centuries past and adds modern

Mediterranean inspired luxuries to create a simply divine style that is sure to impress all your guests.              





Take One! $995

Your prospective residents will take one look at the cinema-inspired decor and theater-themed accessories and will be ready to take action and sign that lease.  Prop popcorn and beverages complete the look. 





Think GREEN $995

This eco-friendly and environmentally responsible design incorporates natural elements and brings the outdoors in, making for an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere.  Guaranteed to grow on your prospective residents.


BRAND NEW! La Hacienda $995

This Spanish-inspired design combines culture and style reminiscent of the great hillside homes of Spain.  Wrought iron designs and ceramic accessories come together for a dazzling mini with inviting touches throughout.  ¡Es muy bonita!     







Back To School $1,400*

Outfitted with realistic computer and plasma TV props, prospective students, teachers and business professionals alike will appreciate this functional and technically savvy set up.  Perfect for student communities and units with built in computer niches. Includes

                                               personalized screensaver! Please allow

                                                              additional time for delivery.


Traditional Elegance $995

Class and sophistication meet grace and style in this tastefully decorated atmosphere.  Guaranteed to make your prospects feel comfortable and right at home.





     All Things Spring $995

     Limited Quantities!

     Available March through May only.

     Perfect petals in vibrant colors breathe

     a breath of fresh air as guests are

     greeted with springtime in this bright,

     colorful and very inviting mini motif. 



                                                 Cool Fun in the Summer Sun $995

       Limited Quantities!

      Available May through August only.

      What a great way to promote your

      Summer specials--a fun mini full of

      summertime favorites--outdoor

      grilling, relaxing at the beach and

      enjoying refreshing beverages. With   

      funky colors and cool designs, this

      one's got it all!



 We Love Pets! 

Upgrade any theme with a Basic Pet Package for an additional $100.00.  Show your pet-friendly side and choose from dog or cat accessories.  Pet Package will coordinate with Magnificent Minis To Go! theme of your choice.




Premium Pet Package

Complete with "Buddy the Beagle" or "Fifi Kitty", you get everything in the Basic Pet Package, plus a realistic pet to greet your prospects.  Life-like, battery-operated pets open and close their eyes, wag their tails and move their heads and ears. Your guests will fall in love and lease

right away! Add a Premium Pet Package with

your choice of Buddy or Fifi for $199.00.







What about the windows? 

Add a Window Treatment Package and we'll dress any two windows for an additional $299.00.  One more way to WOW your prospects and increase occupancy. 

Window Treatment Package will coordinate with Magnificent Minis To Go!

theme of your choice.




Get super creative with WALL ART! 

Easy to apply and remove, this temporary, transparent film is perfect for renters!  Add this unique upgrade and really stand out from the competition.  Available in several shapes and colors.  Add a Wall Art Package to any room for an additional $195.00. 


          See all WALL ART Packages






Don't see exactly what you're looking for?

 Interior Affairs can customize a Magnificent Mini To Go! just for you.  Best of all, the price stays the same and we'll still

deliver right to your door absolutely free! 


Right now Magnificent Minis To Go! are the best kept secret to generating new leases on the spot, but feel free to

share the good news with your sister properties. 

Refer 3 minis in 30 days and receive 1 FREE!


Order your Magnificent Minis To Go! today


Prices subject to change without notice.